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Building Trust in the Digital Ecomony (sm)
Finding the Truth. Defenses for Internet Defamation. Certification of Statements, Testimonials and Other Information.
Resources, Self Help and Legal Information for Fighting Internet Libel.

CertifiedTRUE is a sister site to CertifiedTRUTH.com. Internet content that is true will be certified true on this site. Internet content that is false will be certified at CertifiedFALSE.com.

CertifiedTRUE, a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is one of a family of sites providing internet and personal security services including CertifiedURL.com, blueplanetsecurity.com, and DMCA1.com

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Certified-TRUE will be providing a very needed service for the internet at very reasonable costs to help the internet move beyond the wild west that it is now.

Blue Planet Internet Security Authorized Domains Please visit our main site BluePlanetOffices.com.

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Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a Florida, USA Corporation.

Blue Planet Security Corporation, Certified-Truth Division Nationwide Toll Free 1-800-511-9147

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CertifiedTruth.com and other security domains are (c) copyright 2018 by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. and Blue Planet Security Corporation. All rights are reserved.

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